Cadbury: A Love Story

June 28, 2013 4:25 pm

Something that’s been causing me a great deal of concern lately is the fact that despite my daily workout regimen, hospital I seem to be well on my way to gaining the Newlywed 15. What on earth could possibly be the cause? I wonder to myself as I munch on a Flake.


I’ve been a diehard Cadbury connoisseur for as long as I can remember. Those of you who have only dabbled in Cadbury products Stateside are probably regarding this statement with some confusion. But don’t worry: I’m not rhapsodizing about that Cadbury. Cadbury in the U.S. is ruined — I mean run by Hershey’s, which has been selling the unsuspecting American masses inferior versions of this global delight. Just take a hop across the pond to the U.K. and you will find Cadbury varieties that are both abundant and infinitely more delicious.

For years friends and family traveling to Europe or the Middle East — or merely transiting through airports there — have had but one instruction: Bring. Me. Back. Cadbury. (The “please” is implied.) My friend Ayesha introduced me to the merits of the Curly Wurly, which appealed to my own curly sensibilities. Raafia once lugged two full boxes of Flake back from Dubai. The 48 bars lasted maybe two full weeks.

But as a true aficionado, I must issue one disclaimer: Cadbury products in India just aren’t as good. In fact, they may even be worse than in the States. The Cadbury Silk range does come close to European standards, but avoid 5 Star at all costs. Consider this a Public Service Announcement.

Ever since moving to South Africa, I’ve been like a kid in a Cadbury store. The smorgasbord of products and flavors has dazzled my mind and tastebuds alike, and I’m a slave to every checkout counter candy display. There are Astros, which are tiny, crunchy pellets of chocolate-covered wafer. Crispello, like Kinder Bueno. Bubbly, comparable to an Aero in Cadbury’s clothing. Tumbles, round Malteser-like balls of goodness. Flavors that I personally don’t like but can respect their right to exist include Cashew & Coconut, Mint Crisp, Turkish Delight, and Rum & Raisin. There are Cadbury cookies and Cadbury hot chocolate. No sooner had I come to terms with the fact that I could at any time run around the corner to buy myself a Flake when I discovered the significantly less crumbly, chocolate-coated, DIPPED Flake.


Not pictured is its miniature counterpart, a bag of Twirl Bites.

While in a previous life I was a Dairy Milk purist — nothing like the sweet, creamy goodness of the original — here I’ve found that my favorite is Biscuit, with a crisp, shortbread filling. At one point I feared there may have been a shortage, because of its absence from the shelves of all the grocery stores we frequent, so I took to hoarding slabs whenever I came upon them at a random gas station.


I also thought I’d hit the jackpot when I’d discovered Cadbury’s answer to Kit-Kat in the form of these cute P.S. bars — each comes with a different saying, ranging from I Love You to Friends for Life to I Miss You. I’d like to think this one was trying to give me a self-esteem boost before wreaking havoc on my thighs.


But these days, the current winner would have to be the hard-to-find Oreo bar. Do I really need to elaborate on why?


So enough about my gluttony. What’s your favorite offering from the Cadbury canon?


  • Anees (@AmericanBrother)

    Loved this post Sarah! Read it out loud to my British cousin who is in the country visiting for a wedding – also a big chocolate-lover & connoisseur of sorts 😉 I too lament that even these British chocolates in the States aren’t up to par. Have you ever had Yorkie? (but as their blue wrappers say, it’s NOT FOR GIRLS) This cousin and his Ammi always bring some over for us. I did find some here, but guessing Nestle can’t quite match the original.

    Anyways, happy to make my first comment on your blog! Only suggestion, though what you have know is fine, but ever though of using Disqus comments? When I had my blog, that’s what I used, but I know some have issues with it.

  • sarah

    Hm, never had a Yorkie – I am, after all, a girl, and I follow instructions 🙂

    How does Disqus work?

  • Anees (@AmericanBrother)

    Sorry for the late reply –

    1. ahh, you’re a good girl ma’sha’allah. And now you won’t get fat haha!

    2. You have to add some code of course, but I guess I just like the format and the look of it. Then you’ll have a dashboard where you do all the admit stuff when you log on. You can reply to comments via email as well. Several news websites use it on their sites. Here is the link, there is a video showing it off, etc:

    But yours is a WordPress site, right, so this look you have now goes best with it I guess, but again, just a thought/suggestion. No pressure 🙂

    • sarah

      Interesting – I’m clueless about the Internet, I’ll ask my friend who made the site for me. Thanks!