My InstaWeek: The One with Obama

June 30, 2013 8:49 pm

Things were looking pretty good on the domestic front at the start of this week, mind with two big deliveries: my gas heater, viagra buy and my shipment. The first was much awaited because houses are freezing here without central heating; the second was much awaited because, well, it brought me all my STUFF from the States, at long last.

photo_1       photo_2

It was really nice being reunited with all my clothes, shoes, bags, disco balls, and assorted knickknacks — now it feels like home.photo_3

The work week ended with another momentous occasion: my very first solo-driving excursion here in Cape Town, after months of avoiding this moment. So where would I go for such an adventure? Straight to the salon, to get my eyebrows did.


That night I went to Carne SA, a popular restaurant rumored to serve the best steak in Cape Town. Being a professional journalist, it was my obligation to investigate this claim. Verdict? Certainly delicious, but I’ll need to do more comparative research before I can objectively claim it to be the best.


Saturday afternoon we went for a midwinter picnic at Kirstenbosch. Even on a cold, damp day, the views were lovely.


Later on a few of us drove out to Gordon’s Bay, about 45 minutes away, to check out the Festival of Lights. Calling the lights display we saw a “Festival” might be a bit of a euphemism, but the vibe there was definitely very festive, from the carnival to the crowds and right down to the guy playing “Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland” with gusto…. over and over and over again. I’m a sucker for lovely used bookstores, and we found a rambling old one with oodles of character: Bikini Beach Bookstore. Definitely worth a browse if you’re in Gordon’s Bay. My favorite find was this stash of Sweet Valley High and Sweet Valley University books. #flashback!


If I thought the week started out great, it ended with a bang. How thoughtful of President Obama to swing by Cape Town to check in on its newest American expat?


I’ve never seen Obama speak, so it’s pretty ironic that the first time I did was in Africa. Some folks on the drive up to University of Cape Town, where his address was held, were not quite so happy to see him though.


Think what you will of his policies, his speech was a momentous one, and I was excited at the opportunity to witness it. I waited about an hour in the cold with some friends, before waiting another hour and a half or so inside listening to a range of local musical acts before the President arrived. And when he did make his appearance, he commanded the crowd, as always. The speech was a little simplistic — nothing groundbreaking going on there — but if there’s one thing Barry knows how to do, it’s work a crowd.


I even shot my very first InstaVideo – a fuzzy, not very good clip of his closing remarks.

So that’s my eventful InstaWeek! How was yours?


  • Anees (@AmericanBrother)

    Very cool. I saw him when he made that speech in Prague in April 2009. Still during the honeymoon period lol. Let’s just say I didn’t vote for him this time. 🙂