My InstaWeek: Fasting, Feasting

July 21, 2013 8:57 pm

I didn’t take as many Instagram shots as I usually do this week, pulmonologist because most of my days involved working away in solitude followed by absolutely epic iftar feasts at various friends’ and family’s places. Iftar refers to the fast-breaking meal at sunset during Ramadan, and South Africa easily has the best range of iftar treats around. I’m in carnivore bliss here.


Thursday was Nelson Mandela Day, and in honor of his birthday, people devote 67 minutes to community service. I went to a preschool at a township, and met the most adorable kids — read all about it here.

photo_1                 photo_5

On Friday, I met up with Nina Lora, a fellow New Yorker in Cape Town (and PR powerhouse) who’s just as excited about exploring the city as I am. We went to the Montebello Design Centre in Newlands to checked out the art, jewelry, and crafts they sell there — I loved this painting of the Bo-Kaap neighborhood, which was a bargain at 18,000 rand ($1,800!!!).


What do you do on a Saturday afternoon with absolutely no brunch plans on your calendar? Run errands of course. While we were taking care of a few things in Woodstock, I spied some fun street art:


I had iftar parties every night from Wednesday through Sunday, and even some afterparties: a late-night braai on Friday night, and a lavish farewell tea-and-dessert spread at my friend Tasnim’s place. Yes, farewell — my fellow American in Cape Town is leaving me soon to head back to start law school at Yale. Boo! Props for the animal-print attire in honor of South Africa though (it wasn’t really, but I’d like to think it was).


That’s it for my InstaWeek — how was yours?

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