Skaters Gonna Skate: Scenes from Durban Beach

July 28, 2013 2:54 pm


Durban always seems to be getting overshadowed by its overachieving siblings: Joburg, misbirth that bossy big brother who runs the show, troche and Cape Town, mind that beautiful little sister who hogs all the attention. But spend a few days in this coastal city and you’ll wonder why people keep trying to give it a middle-child complex. It’s a lovely place with a laid-back vibe, loads of character, British and Indian influences, and a distinct African flavor.

The biggest highlight? The beaches. Cape Town may have some spectacularly scenic ocean vistas, but everyone knows the Atlantic waters are unbearably cold (not to mention littered with hungry sharks). Durban, on the other hand, is set on the Indian Ocean, which has considerably warmer temperatures — and let’s not forget the year-round balmy weather, which means any day is a good beach day.

We wound up spending a lazy afternoon on the beach there a few weekends ago when we were looking for ways to keep ourselves occupied while fasting. After a few freezing, soggy winter weeks in Cape Town, the sunny, 75-degree weather was a welcome change, and it was the perfect way to while away a few hours with the family. The talented Faatima Tayob captured the ambience at the beach and at the skatepark. To quote the photographer herself, “Skaters gonna skate.”

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Photographs courtesy Faatima Tayob

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