My InstaWeek(s): Morocco Edition

September 7, 2013 2:12 pm

If you’ve been following my Instagram feed recently, viagra order you’ll know that I went to Morocco for the second time, store spending 10 days in Marrakech and Fes. Search the hashtag #SouthAfriKhaninMorocco to see the entire adventure, medicine but here are some highlights.

I did a ton of sightseeing…


Ate a lot of great food at big mix of places: some simple, some chic, some quirky, and some fancy (and even tried my hand at a cooking class)…


Checked out some amazing hotels — I stayed in nine in 10 nights, is that some sort of a record?


Saw plenty of… interesting things…

photo_2And reconnected with friends and family.


Stay tuned for all the blog posts and articles that are sure to ensue! Have you been to Morocco? Would love to hear your thoughts.


  • Dania Siddiqui-Syed

    Hey, would love to get recommendations on hotels.. Please. Also did you stumble upon any silversmith there?!?

    • Hm, I did see a few silversmith shops, but no one who’s name I took down – it’s one of those places that you just lose yourself and don’t easily find your way back to the same establishment. I’d ask your hotel when you get there. Hotel rec for Marrakech: Sofitel outside the medina, La Sultana or Riyad el Cadi in the medina. Fes: Palais Amani or Riad Laaroussa. Sorry for my delayed response, been traveling a lot, hope this helps and is not too late!