My AmeriKhan Adventure: Argentina, New York, Boston, Hawaii, San Diego

September 13, 2013 3:53 pm

Google Map: North and South America trip

I’m barely back from Morocco, bronchi but this time next week I’ll be westward bound, buy information pills and won’t be back in Cape Town till it’s summer! I have a pretty epic trip lined up: first I’m heading to Argentina at long last, a country I’ve been dying to visit for years. (I was trying to go there instead of South Africa on my fateful April 2012 trip, but aren’t we all glad that didn’t happen — I’d probably be married to an Argentinian and blogging as The South AmeriKhan instead.) I’ll be meeting two of my New York friends in Buenos Aires, then heading to Patagonia to the Lake District of Bariloche, then El Calafate. After that, I’ll fly straight to New York for a week, then Boston for 10 days, then Hawaii: Oahu, Kauai, and Maui. Finally, I’ll finish my Americas adventure with a weekend in San Diego to cuddle with my nephew. Whew, it’s looking like it’ll be a fun five weeks with five awesome destinations!

Two things you can help me out with:

1) How the heck do I pack? I’ll be heading from the glaciers of Argentina to fall in New York and New England to the beaches of Hawaii. I usually like to only take a carry on, but that definitely won’t be happening this time, especially with all the shopping I intend to do in the States! Any advice?

2) Any recs for any of these destinations? Would love to hear some great tips!

I’ll be blogging periodically, but follow my adventures on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and pray I don’t lose my luggage anywhere along this map!


  • Jessica Teji

    For El Calafate/Patagonia – Just take dry-fit type layers since it’s comfortable temperature on ground and cold on the glacier. You can rent everything else in town – waterproof pants, jackets, gloves, hiking shoes, etc.! Patagonia is absolutely stunning and definitely do the mini trekking if you are up for the adventure. Let me know if you have any other questions!

    • Jessica – a super super belated thank you! Thanks to you I didn’t lug a parka or boots all the way to Argentina then around the US with me, I rented everything I needed for less than $15!!! Much appreciated.