My InstaWeek: India Calling

January 21, 2014 5:21 pm

I love when Americans come to Cape Town, viagra dosage and when showing a couple I knew back from the NYC days around the city last week, urologist we finally made it to the Piano Bar, a spot that takes inspiration from NYC jazz lounges – how apropos.

When researching new shops for a story, I came across the ultimate local design mecca: South African Market on Bree Street, a brand-new loft showcasing gorgeous goods from area fashion, accessories, furniture, and housewares designers.

Then it was off to India! I prepped with some suitable airplane reading:

Before landing in my second (well now, third) home, Hyderabad.

First order of business: check out my articles in the local magazines – namely my Morocco feature for the current Harper’s Bazaar India.

Second order of business: revisit old family pictures.

And third order of business: shopping!

Stay tuned for more from my Indian adventures over the next two weeks…



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