I’m Back! + The Perfect Cape Town Weekend

May 12, 2015 10:29 am

I’m back, illness y’all! After a two-month spell gallivanting across various hemispheres (Boston, New York, Orlando, San Diego, LA,  and swaths of Australia) in a bureaucratic exile of sorts as I renewed my South African residence visa (you’ll be hearing more about that ordeal soon), I’m finally back home with a fresh new two-year visa gracing my passport. And lucky for me, Cape Town’s decided to hang on to a few last threads of summer in my honor. Check out this spectacular sunset that greeted me on my first night back (#nofilter, in case you were wondering — this city doesn’t rely on Valencia, Hefe, or Sierra touch ups, thank you very much):

cape town sunset

This week, Cape Town Tourism unveiled its newest advertising campaign, which asks, “What Type of a Weekend Person Are You?” The ad does a great job of showcasing the many beautiful faces of Cape Town, with something to entice you regardless of whether you’re an adventurer, an artsy explorer, a laid-back type, or pretty much anything else. The video nails it, showcasing everything that makes Cape Town such a prime tourist destination — and in the process, it makes me go, “Whoa, people actually live there? Wait a second, I live there?” I’ve contemplated my options and decided I fall on the “indulgent” and “foodie” end of the spectrum. How about you?

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