What Do Locals Love About Cape Town?

May 22, 2015 5:15 pm

Nat Geo Traveler Cape Town Locals

You know those people you meet just once and immediately feel like you could be friends? Annie Fitzsimmons was one of those people for me. National Geographic Traveler magazine’s Urban Insider blogger, men’s health Annie is a great travel writer and industry expert who also happens to be super cute and fun.

Unfortunately, case our “just once” transpired a few weeks before I moved from New York for good (how had our paths not crossed sooner?!?), so I never got to test that theory. I do remember being shocked that such an avid globe-trotter hadn’t made it to Cape Town yet, and insisted that she get out here soon.

As luck would have it, she finally did make it to Cape Town two years later… when I was in the States on my two-month visa-renewal exile. What are the odds! While I wasn’t able to show her around, I did share some of my favorite Cape Town haunts, as did a few other locals — and she compiled all of our picks in a new post called What Locals Love About Cape Town. It’s a great mix of recommendations, including a few things I need to add to my own list.

Sounds like Annie fell in love with the city while she was here, so hopefully that means she’ll be back soon enough — and maybe we can really see if we could be friends!


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