South Africa’s Most Glamorous Indian Women for Vogue India

September 7, 2015 3:48 pm

My latest Vogue India feature is hands down my favorite one in all the five years I’ve been writing for them. I first pitched it more than a year and a half ago, doctor and after months of discussion, culminating in a photo shoot in Johannesburg, here it is, in THE September issue (just check out Katrina on the cover โ€” rraarr!). It was quite a challenge to narrow down the list, but I spotlighted eight of South Africa’s most glamorous, accomplished women of Indian origin, from models to beauty gurus to economists. And I pretty much swooned when I saw how well it all came together. You can read it here โ€” hope you like it too!

Vogue India



  • Anees

    Loved the profiles Sarah. Such awesome and interesting women with unique journeys. Well done – I can see why it was your favorite piece thus far.

    And yes, Katrina looks !! on the cover – my Amma would love it – Katina is her favorite.

    Oh, no more Disqus huh? I know I haven’t stopped by in awhile, but hey, whatever works for ya ๐Ÿ™‚

    • sarah

      Odd – I never took my Disqus off, no idea what happened to it. I’m clueless about blogs. But thanks for reading and enjoying the story Anees! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hello Sarah,
    The Women featured here as South African glamour have come a long way since our coolie indentured slave days.If you review the coolie post cards of Trinidad Carribean University Project by Micheal Glodberg which SAns share a same history,Cape of Good Hope in two to three generations as portrayed by your article is obe of liberation.I did try to get into the firms that Carmen and Company now partner,but never made it past the first round of interviewing.I probably am more physically like our relatives Naledi homo amazon unevolved than typically beauty petite Indian woman featured.Since I can be neither of your feature and my dreams to be like them cannot be realised,I have had to seek the comforts of lesser women;to show me the light.These are people like Winnie Mandela,the late Amina Kachalia,Fridi Ginwala,Albertina Sisulu,Sophie De Bruyn and all their compatriots.The comfort and self esteem boosts I get from failing as an Indian South African woman has saved my mind life and soul.I am proud that a minority population in SA with our past has produced such beautiful outstanding Indian women you feature in such a short space of time.It’s why whites usually find us so tolerable and blacks some of them(men) with our petite looks so beautiful.Well done to these women iconic who prove that a coolie indentured status in less than fifty years of freedom and equality can become More.Perhaps in our next life time,persons like myself will not seek the comforts for my damaged esteem elsewhere but my failure to achieve will be a true liberation in these South African Indian women.Regards Shallun