Love Cape Town: Neighborhood Spotlights

October 9, 2015 11:07 am

So somewhere in the midst of a hectic travel schedule, medications I moved! From the ‘burbs to the heart of Cape Town’s CBD (Central Business District) for a short spell. Don’t hate me, but this is the view from my “office”:


I’ve barely had a chance to soak in the city vibe since I’ve been on the road so much, but I absolutely LOVE the energy, the dozens of amazing restaurants and coffeeshops within walking distance, the colorful personalities — and above all, the NOISE!!! Bring on the sweet sounds of traffic, street performers, and sirens. I love feeling like I live in a city again. Moving to the Cape Town after living in the heart of NYC came with many challenges and changes, but the most unexpected adjustment was getting used to how quiet suburbia is. Well, barring the car alarms that go off with alarming regularity all night. Because, South Africa. Sigh.

Here’s a typical afternoon from my balcony — I love working with the soundtrack of live music coming from far down below:

Last week I attended a Cape Town Tourism event celebrating the launch of their newest video series, a collection of spotlights on various Cape Town neighborhoods (no, not “neighbourhoods,” thanks), as seen through locals. The best way to explore an area is through the eyes of the residents who live there, and Cape Town Tourism wisely capitalized on  that with these clips, shot beautifully by Naashon Zalk. There’s Kalk Bay with musician Arno Carstens, Woodstock with chef Karen Dudley, and, my personal favorite, the CBD with actor Siv Ngesi. But then, I’m a happy CBD resident myself (for a few months, anyway), so I’m admittedly biased.

So what’s your favorite Cape Town ‘hood?

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