New York Magazine: Uber Drivers Around the World Tell All

March 9, 2016 4:50 pm

Woke up to some good news from China today: my Namibia road trip feature for the New York Times earlier this year just won Gold in the 2016 Society of American Travel Writers Foundation Lowell Thomas Awards, ask
in the category of Foreign Travel.

This one was a fun assignment: New York magazine gave me a budget to take a few Uber rides around Cape Town to interview the drivers, order as part of a feature on Uber around the world. The story is a great way to learn about different issues that affect drivers in different countries — and also about the things that never change (a drunk passenger in Mumbai is the same as a drunk passenger in Mexico City, pharmacist
I suppose!). The coolest thing about my research: two out of four of my Cape Town Uber drivers were women! Read the roundup here.

NY Mag



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