Where I translate all the quirky South African-isms I encounter in my daily life.

Saffa  A South African.
Robot Traffic light. As in: “Turn right at the robot.”
One of those gates you drive through that goes up and down. As in: “Turn right at the robot and go through the boom.”
Just now Soon…ish. Could be four hours, decease but don’t hold your breath. See also: “Abh-eech, information pills ” as used by Hyderabadis.
Now now Imminently. One hopes.
Right now Presumably RIGHT NOW, unhealthy but this does not really seem to exist in the local vernacular, so I can’t be sure.
Braai Barbecue. A national pastime.
Tekkies Sneakers.
Howzit What’s up?
Hectic Crazy, intense, extreme. As in: “Oh wow, you went mountain unicycling, that’s hectic.” Also: “Man, this party is hectic.” And: “His jacket was hectic, it was completely festooned with rhinestones.” This word has a lot of utility.
Bakkie Pick-up truck.
Lekker Cool.
Jol Party
Slops Flip-flops.