Who Is the South AfriKhan?


UPDATE: I’ve moved on and will no longer be updating this blog. I’ll leave it up for the time being as a resource for anyone planning trips to South Africa. You can follow my more current work over at By Sarah Khan or find me on Twitter or Instagram — @BySarahKhan on both.

The South AfriKhan was Sarah Khan, formerly a Cape Town-based writer, editor, and champion for curly-haired rights.

I was an editor at Travel + Leisure magazine in New York City for nearly five years before I moved to Cape Town. I grew up in four countries (Canada, Saudi Arabia, India, and the U.S.) so what was a fifth, right?

As a travel writer, my job is to inspire you add to your bucket list. I’m a hoarder of hotel pens, a disciple of maps, and a connoisseur of global junk food, all the marks of a peripatetic. (Look it up. It’s a good word.) My passport and my beat-up Samsonite wheelie are my extended family, and my best friend is whoever is holding the camera at the moment. If you travel with me, you will not get lost, guaranteed — people (well, one person) have been known to call me GPS, or Geep for short. My picks for coolest city names are Tegucigalpa and Ouagadougou, though I’ve yet to visit either. When I’m on the road, I always talk to strangers: I befriended a flamenco guitarist in Granada, a duo of Bollywood-singing waiters in Casablanca, a pizzeria owner in Florence who resembled the Sicilian from Princess Bride, and a donkey in Petra.

Head over to my original website, By Sarah Khan, to view my portfolio of work as a writer: my travel, fashion, lifestyle, arts, food, and entertainment journalism and humorous personal essays have been published in The New York Times (where I’ve filled in for their popular Frugal Traveler column), New York Times T Magazine, Wall Street Journal, WSJ. Magazine, Vogue (US and India editions), Conde Nast Traveler (US, UK, India, and Middle East editions), National Geographic Traveler, Travel + Leisure (I’m the T+L Local Expert for Cape Town), Food & Wine, Surface (where I am a contributing editor), Architectural Digest, Bon Appetit, Saveur, Eater.com, Town & Country Travel, Elle Decor, Washington Post, New York Magazine, Departures, Elite Traveler, Harper’s Bazaar India, Marie Claire South Africa, CNN.com, The Atlantic, Forbes, Fodor’s, The Independent, Delta Sky, British Airways High Life, Emirates Open Skies, Huffington Post, Christian Science Monitor, The New York Post, Los Angeles Confidential, and numerous other outlets. My New York Times article Once a Land of Princes and Palaces won a 2015 Lowell Thomas Award from the Society of American Travel Writers, and my essay “When Coconuts Attack” has been featured in the anthology The Places We’ve Been: Field Reports from Travelers Under 35. You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram — I’m @BySarahKhan on both.

This photo was taken at the Royal Malewane in Kruger National Park, South Africa. Yes, I really did dress like that on safari. Don’t judge me.

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